GuilFin Ambient Lounge

“The GuilFin Ambient Lounge is always one of the most pleasant places to visit at Glastonbury.”

Glastonbury Festival on the Ambient Lounge

Oracles of Alternatrivia

Live video visuals from a temple of telemonitors. Offerings of visionary art, TV imagery and film psychedelia.

“For those moments when you want to down the pace just a little and sprawl on a dog-eared sofa, listening to fine tunes and watching a Magic Roundabout video.”

Glastonbury Festival on the Ambient Lounge

Aural Arrangements

Pure ambient sounds and the most mellow live music and DJ spins under the ultra-violet decor and cathode-ray tubes – energy systems for sensory perception.

“Like walking into a Dr Who set interior designed by an enthusiastic LSD-quaffer. Mad psychedelic backdrops compete for the eye’s attention against silver painted mannequins, toys, mushroom lights and a bank of screens showing videos. Knackered old sofas and armchairs are strewn about.”

Glastonbury Festival on the Ambient Lounge

Oral Absorption

Juices, teas, coffees and chocolatey liquids to calm ya karma. Chill swills of tranquility and peaceful fusions of fruity flavour. Prepare the path to your now infused mind to absorb some new ideas and appreciate a few alternatives…

“GuilFin’s Ambient Lounge is a classic example of what must be the essence of Glastonbury: the urge to put on entertainment, pull off mad stunts and give people a good time, for no other reason than that you can, and have the energy to do so.”

Glastonbury Festival on the Ambient Lounge

Aura & Attitude

Every Ambient Lounge included the GuilFin information desk – packed full of info on environmental, health and social justice issues. And of course the current monthly GuilFin listings of counter culture gatherings and the essential guide to the summer festival scene.

“A welcoming and chilled-out place where you can get away from the chaos of the festival and chill and relax and gather your thoughts before going back out for some mayhem.”

Glastonbury Festival on the Ambient Lounge