About GuilFin

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Each month, GuilFin provided a free guide to alternative events, festivals and DIY culture.

Covering environmental, health and social justice issues, it was considered an essential guide to the summer festival scene.

Keeping party people happy and aware of what was happening was the basic idea behind GuilFin.

Something about FIN cells?

Free Festivals

Info here about free festival scene as was


Festival Tour

Our free-listing-where-it’s-at attitude then spread and converged with the festivals themselves to form relaxation zones with massaging tones ~ of sound, light and liquid refreshment.

This became the GuilFin Ambient Lounge.

Not just a unique chill-out space but a perfect place to receive GuilFin’s free info on the future of the planet, our health, the society and issues beyond the conventional.


Festival Creation

Music Rewviews…. GuilFin promotions… and the

Ambient Green Picnic / Festival

…and then the Coalition

…and then doing other stuff?


Free Party Scene

Rave culture, Pineapple Tribe, etc


Campaign Issues

Key campaigns fro Poll Tax to CJA to animal rights and environment

Direct Action

Something about hunt sabbing, anti-road building protests, etc